Welcome to White Sun Books

White Sun Books was originally created as an imprint for an anthology of short stories titled Sunshine Noir, a compendium of stories by seventeen outstanding writers who set their tales in hot places around the globe. It was an only-partly tongue-in-cheek pushback on the tsunami of stories, known as Nordic Noir, set in the frigid north. That attempt at equal attention has paid off.  Now the phrase “Sunshine Noir” has taken a central place in the conversation about books and films.

Since that initial outing, White Sun Books has republished, in paperback and ebook format, two books from the Michael Stanley Detective Kubu series, originally published by St Martin’s Press, and one book originally published by Sourcebooks. It has also been the primary publisher in North America of the eighth Detective Kubu mystery, A Deadly Covenant, as well as the stand-alone Crystal Nguyen thriller Dead of Night. It has also published the audiobook of the fifth Detective Kubu mystery

Also in our catalog are are audio versions of two books from Annamaria Alfieri’s Vera and Tolliver series, historical  mysteries that take place in colonial Africa. 

In August, 2021, we published Stanley Trollip’s Wolfman, a thriller set in northern Minnesota, with protagonist, investigative reporter Crystal Nguyen.